Tornadoes in Hurricanes

Hurricanes that create tornadoes are not an uncommon thing, however these tornadoes are not your typical warm air clashing into cold air twisters. Hurricane based tornadoes tend to be weaker than their traditional cousins. Tornadoes form in land falling hurricanes  because of the severe wind sheer that hurricanes can create. Winds at the surface tend to be slower than those at the higher levels, which is not uncommon of a typical tornado. The sheering winds create the same twisting motion and torrential rains bring the funnel to the ground, creating the tornado. Each hurricane is unique in relation to how many tornadoes it will produce. For example, Hurricane Ivan directly hit the mid-Atlantic and produced 120 tornadoes. Although many tornadoes in hurricanes tend to be weak EF0 or EF1 storms, capable of winds between 60-119 mph, an EF4 hurricane-related tornado killed 22 people in Louisiana in 1964 courtesy of Hurricane Hilda

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