Tornado Season

Tornadoes occur in every month, in every year since records have been kept on tornadoes. Each state in the Continental United States can experience a tornado during any season of the year, but the likelihood of a tornado lessens in the winter months. However, tornado season changes depending on what area of the country you are in. For example, Southern states are most likely to get tornadoes in the winter. This is because the warm air of the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t reach as far into the United States as it does in the summer.  Tornado season migrates toward the South Midwest (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas) starting in April. The season migrates further north and west as the months pass ans tornado season starts for the Upper Midwest and Mid-Atlantic in June. New England and the rest of the Northeast face tornado season in July and fortunately for us, it only lasts about six weeks in New England. More specifically in Massachusetts, you can expect to see one tornado every two years on average.

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